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Sit Back & Relax
You've never had a cleaning like this! Relax in our special massage treatment chairs while watching a favourite program or video on our in-room television.

Custom Fitted Mouth Guards
Protect your teeth from sports-related injuries with a comfortable, custom-fitted mouth guard.

Combat Bad Breath and Dry Mouth
Ask us about new treatments that can restore the freshness of your breath and your confidence.

Sensitive Teeth?
Do you experience pain when drinking hot or cold drinks? Ask us about our desensitizing treatments that may help

Children Welcome
We give care and attention to children, including soft-touch cleanings, cavity-preventing sealants and flouride treatments

Brighter, Whiter Smiles
Our professional teeth whitening treatments are fast and provide brilliant results

Dentist Referrals Available
If any dental work is desired, we can refer you to a dentist that is close to your home.

Relax and watch TV in our massage chair!

Our Sterilization Room

We love kids and
they love us!

TLC Dental Hygiene | 360 Guelph St #40 | Georgetown, ON L7G 4B5 | 905 877-1300 | info@tlcdentalhygiene.com
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